Question by  jeremy98 (6)

What can you tell me about paying state income taxes in two different states?

I need to pay state income taxes for two different states.


Answer by  Chaneygirl (1755)

This will vary based on the states in question, but you should receive a credit for taxes paid to another state on one of the tax returns, most likely your state of residence.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If you pay income tax in two states, it should only be for the time you worked in each of those states.


Answer by  cgroverla (516)

If you have income from two states and you lived in each state part of the year, you file part-year tax returns for both states. If you lived in only one state, file a resident return for that state and a nonresident return for the other state. The resident state usually credits you for taxes paid to the nonresident state.


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

The state where the money was earned gets first crack at taxes. Allocate income to each state. Pay the NON-resident state first. Then figure your home state tax on total income, less any allowable credits for taxes paid to the non-resident state.

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