Question by  Zeenia (53)

What can you tell me about dikaryotic and diploid cells?


Answer by  PAtobeDU12 (239)

A dikaryotic cell is a cell that has two nuclei. A diploid cell is a cell that contains two copies of each chromosome.


Answer by  Jenn09 (176)

Dikaryotic cells are a unique feature of some types of fungi. They are formed post plasmogamy when the two compatible nuclei fuse. In comparison, diploid cells are found throughout the various kingdoms. Diploid cells are those in which each chromosome can be paired with a partner. For example, human cells are diploids.


Answer by  Anonymous

dikaryotic cell is formed by nuclear division but not cytoplasmic divsion completed....while diploid is the cell which have 2 copy of nuclear material within one nucleaus


Answer by  Rivka (217)

A dikaryotic cell is a cell with two nuclei. These would be found in spores. A diploid cell is one that has a double set of chromosomes; characteristic of a species. An example is humans with their fourty-six chromosomes

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