Question by  alliemart (29)

If an organism has 10 chromosomes in each body cell how many will the gamete cell have?

I need to understand how body cells and gamete cells compare.


Answer by  kw35 (54)

If the diploid cell in the organism has ten chromosomes, the gamete cells must have five chromosomes. The combination of two gamete cells, then, will produce fertilized egg cell with all of the required chromosomes. For diploid organisms, the somatic cells have 2n chromosomes, and gametes have n.


Answer by  cubedbee (155)

Body cells have two copies of each chromosome Gamete cells have one copy of each chromosome. So, if there's 10 total in body cells, gamates have 5 chromosomes.


Answer by  jennie27 (7)

The somatic (body) cells are diploid and the gamete cells are haploid. If the body cell has 5 pairs of chromosomes (making a total of 10 chromosomes), the gamete cell will only have 5 chromosomes. These 5 chromosomes consist of 1 chromosome from each pair of chromosomes in the body cell.


Answer by  canenguez (123)

The gamete cell have five chromosomes, because they have half of the informations of the normal body cells, because the gametes are the reproductive cells.

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