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Question by  doglover1 (66)

What can you tell me about central serous retinopathy?


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

This condition usually occurs in young or middle-aged men with a type A personality (seriously). It presents with one-sided blurred vision and central vision problems. It's caused by a small part of the retina detaching due to inherent defects. Luckily this problem is largely self-limiting and uncommonly require treatment.


Answer by  sar (227)

Central Serous Retinopathy occurs when fluid leaks into the subretinal space of the eye. This usually causes temporary vision changes, such as blurred or distorted vision, flashes of light, and a blind or gray spot in the central vision area. The condition usually resolves on its own.


Answer by  swizz (390)

Central serous retinopathy causes temporary visual impairment (such as blurred vision). Males are mostly affected with this condition, it can also be experienced by women in rare cases.


Answer by  dougd225 (58)

This condition occurs when fluid leaks out of vessels deep in the retina and cause swelling of the retina. The retina is where light is focused in the eye and sends the image to the brain. Swelling of this area will cause distortion of vision.


Answer by  crni2 (54)

Its a damaged vision.Problems are:fluid leaking from the eye,losing vision,blurred vision.There is no effective way to cure must go to therapy and after 4 weeks your vision will return.this problem usually starts in the middle of eye.It comes because of cracking of a retina.When someone comes to reviewing they use Amslerov test.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

Its most common in young adult males. The causes are not well understood. The condition is usually reversible within a few months time. It is associated with some hormonal imbalances.


Answer by  rasheedckd (133)

Central serous rhetinopathy is characterized by visual impairment of one eye, often temporarily. It affects both men and women and incidence in men are common. The important feature of this disease is leakage of fluid in the central macuala which account for blurred vision. A Grey or white spot in the central vision is seen.


Answer by  prashanthi (44)

Central serous Retinopathy (CSR) is a visual impairment, usually in one eye, Disorder is characterised by leakage of fluid in central macula which results in blurred.

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