Question by  marriedlady (61)

What can you tell me about adult gymnastics?

I would like to be involved in adult gymnastics.


Answer by  LadyDarknezz19 (37)

It is going to take a lot of work to be able to become an adult gymnast. You must first make sure your body is in tip top condition and that your joints are not damaged, since gymnastics really does a number on your joints. Other than that, you should contact a local gymnastics trainer for more information and advice.


Answer by  catharinet (7)

Adult gymnastics is fast becoming a popular form of exercise for the adult health crowd. Gymnastics includes strength building requirements as well as a need for aerobic stamina. It requires the participants to be involved with weight training and multiple types of aerobic exercise such as dancing.


Answer by  kbowdridge (79)

It is never to late to try something new, but you should always check with your doctor before starting a new sporting activity. Gymnastics for adults will still involve a large amount of stretching and working on flexibility. Adults can start with the basics just like kids.


Answer by  maggiem (133)

Many gymnastics academies that train children also offer adult classes. Adult gymnastics is a great way to stay in shape and increase flexibility and strength.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

adult gynastics is like childrens gymnastics but it is more informal ad you do not compete unless you join a special team or do college gymnastics. you learn the easier stuff and have free time to use all of the equipment there.


Answer by  sarah237 (385)

First of all you are not too old if you are over 25 to do gymnastics.Gymnastics is all about resistance training.The conditioning involved focuses on functional strength.There is also a lot of stretching to keep your joints limber.It is a difficult sport so younger children starting at age five have more advantages with starting with this sport.


Answer by  sc1234 (1319)

Adult gymnastics is difficult to get into if you have never been trained in gymnastics to begin with. The first step would be to talk to your doctor.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

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