Question by  ash (27)

How do I go about making a gymnastics gym successful?

I want to open a gym and teach gymnastics but I want to do it the right way.


Answer by  user71 (796)

First make sure you have well trained instructors and that your business is properly insured. Being involved in competitions is a good way to entice students. That gives them a concrete reason and drive for continuing to study.


Answer by  mjb33261 (13)

First you must look deep inside yourself to see if you have the personality of an entrepreneur. That is, you must be action-oriented, self-nurturing, self-motivated, self-directed, and self-disciplined to be successful. Create a business plan and if you need help the Small Business Administration will offer their services to you for free.


Answer by  Jonetra (66)

Go to a gym in a neighboring city. Take a tour and if possible, talk to the owner or manager. Many business owners are willing to give you advice as long as you are not directly competing against them. Also, the small business administration can provide you with assistance.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

You have to get the right equipment and facility. After this is accomplished, you have to advertise, and get the right kids and then hopefully these athletes can do well at competitions.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Other than obtaining all required credentials, marketing and getting the word out is extremely important. Being flexible and customer oriented will get you far.


Answer by  Packers123 (80)

In order to make a new business start up successfully, it is very important that the business owner as knowledgeable and trained staff in gymnastics. In addition, cost for classes and any instructional material required is priced adequately for the surrounding areas. Advertising is especialy important to alert people in the area of your new startup.

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