Question by  Kathleen70 (19)

What can you tell me about 2-pole light switch wiring?


Answer by  monkeyman164 (29)

A two pole switch is a switch in which two isolated contacts simultaneously close at the same time. They are usually used for motor disconnect switches or lighting loads requiring a two pole breaker. Voltages can vary but the normal operating voltage here in the USA is 208/240v between 2 poles or 125v from one phase to ground.


Answer by  Noah77 (37)

A 2-pole light switch is wired into the hot side of an electrical circuit. Most switches can be wired line side to either the top or the bottom screw on the switch. The switch is bi-directonal. If you use the top screw for the line side (power in) the bottom screw will be your load side (fixture to be switched).


Answer by  PhilJr (15)

Looking at a 2 pole light switch. Three wires are visible(1)Black(Hot)or better known as "Power" And(1)White(neutral)or better knwon as "Common" and(1)Green(Earth)or better known as "Ground".

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