Question by  jeevibalu (10)

What can you do if you hate who you are?


Answer by  MCheryll (105)

Find what it is you dislike about yourself, and take small steps to change in a positive way. Do not overlook your strengths, and your qualities. Always keep in mind the good things about yourself, and remember we all have things we don't like about ourselves. If you have bad influences in your life, change them, get different friends etc.


Answer by  dwhite (58)

You can try to find things that you like about yourself and use those as a launch-pad to change the things you don't like.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Recognize what it is you don't like about yourself, and go about changing it. Also, try and focus first off on what you like, and try and build/focus more on that. Everybody though needs to improve somethings about themselves, so try and make it a fun thing, and not a negative one.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

It is never too late to change your life. You can pick up your stuff and move someone new. Start a new life.

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