Question by  Doe (14)

I hate smoking , why do I still do it?

I really hate it but can't seem to stop.


Answer by  corycubed (42)

You are addicted to the nicotine, and smoking has become part of your routine. When you don't smoke you get that empty feeling inside, and you don't like it so you must smoke some more. Smoking has become your stress relief, and you see smoking as your only way out when frustrated. Also, your friends do it, why not?


Answer by  Javaholic (227)

Smoking has addictive additivites while also providing comforting routine. It's not easy to quit unless you make a commitment to yourself one day at a time. Dont worry about tomorrow just the current moment to change. Sometimes it helps to have supporters to encourage your non-smoking routine.


Answer by  shykarth (82)

Getting aaddicted to smoking easily happens even after smoking just two cigars. Coming out of it is really tough unless you are highly self motivated. Smoking makes you relaxed and gives you pleasure, makes you comfortable, gives confidence and you really cant think of quitting it.

Reply by bipin (33):
Realize this within yourself. Regular smoking makes you feel that TIME is dragging. You go out, you have to wait for a bus for 15 minutes, you CAN'T! You will light your cigarette. Smokers just can't handle time. It's not about stress. Smokers cannot handle 30 minutes of stress!  add a comment

Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

I think that smoking is hard to give up even when you hate it because of the addictive ingredients that are loaded into the cigarette. So after a long period of time you develop physical and psychological ties to the addictive properties.

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