Question by  PissedOff (1)

What can you do if a company has withheld your pay for over 1 month?

I am supposed to be paid weekly.


Answer by  raz (130)

Complain very loudly. The first step would be to complain to your state's employment agency, generally called the Department of Labor. If you can, complain anonymously so there won't be any backlash from your employer.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

It you are still employed, you should first speak to human resources, then you would need to consult your local labor commission and let them know. It could be a mistake but if not, you risk getting fired if you make to much noise. Be ready for that possibility.


Answer by  kenny39 (232)

you could always report that company to the BBB, simply go online to there website and file a compliant. Another avenue you could take is to file a small claims case againest them.

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