Question by  mrcannon (1)

How long does a W-9 employer have to pay?

I am being paid as a contract employee and they did not pay me on the company's last two paydays.


Answer by  malone (4817)

As a contract employee, you are essentially an invoice to be paid, not a wage earner. Depending on how the company pays invoices, it could take 30-90 days for a check to be issued. Next time, state your expectation about being paid.


Answer by  Stef24 (38)

Unfortunately, there is no set time frame in which an employer has to pay you. Normally, this would be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of employment.


Answer by  MRspooky (113)

As a independent contract employee you really should have a written agreement in place before work is preformed. Otherwise court may be your only option for recovering the money your owed.

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