Question by  Hapster (24)

What can you do for puppies with diarrhea?

Can you give them "people medicine"?


Answer by  vex (117)

Do not give them "people medicine," for example, pepto-bismol and especially not Aspirin. Dogs are not able to metabolize certain chemicals in our medication. Initially, you want to make sure your dog has access to water so he does not become dehydrated. Then, you want to identify the cause of the diarrhea, which usually means contacting your veterinarian.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

I would not give a puppy anything at all without contacting your vet first. although I have heard that canned pumpkin (no sugar added) can help diarrhea.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. Do not ever give your dog "people medicine! " Only give your dog a medicine meant for humans if your dog's Vet tells you to. Often times those medicines given in the wrong doses can be lethal. There is stuff called Kaopectate for dogs that you can give them to firm up their stool.

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