Question by  baltimore (23)

What would cause my skin to have red patches, but no rash or itch?


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

Stress can make your skin break out in red patches. These patches usually feel hot, but don't itch like hives or rashes.

posted by Anonymous
Hi Anita,\r\nI have the same problem, the patches are hot and do not itch, but go away after some time. Is this serious? Please let me know the causes and any remedy if you may be knowing... Thanks a lot!  add a comment

Answer by  ratnam (150)

If you are taking tablets containg clopidogrel there is a chance of having red patches which won't cause itching. Clopidogrel reduce the cholesterol level.Usually heart patiences will be given this tablets. In my experience 50% of the people who take this tablet is having these types of patches.

Reply by CrazyBeautifulMe (45):
Clopidogrel may possibly cause those red patches but i beg to disagree that clopidogrel is given to lower down cholesterol. Clopidogrel is given to patient who had stroke and myocardial infarction in the past.  add a comment

Answer by  vsgunnam (222)

This may be due the rupture of small capillaries just below your skin.Through the ruptured capillaries, small amounts of blood come out and get trapped under the skin. That is why there is a red color with out pain and itch/rash.In due course, the red color may change to black and the blood gets absorbed.

posted by Anonymous
I believe I have ruptured capillaries but they have been red for about 2 years now! But I get stressed out and angry very easily.  add a comment
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