Question by  afree01 (128)

What can I do to help a seven month old that has a runny nose?

Several of the medicines once used for babies colds have been taken off of the market, I need help in how to relieve them.


Answer by  jp1999 (231)

Cool mist humidifiers are beneficial when your baby has a runny nose. Keeping the nose cleaned out is important. Saline sprays are safe for babies. Try one drop in each nostril then suctioning it out with a baby nasal aspirator. Allergies are usually the culprit so evaluate the environment your baby is in to locate triggers such as pets.


Answer by  cardiacnurse (35)

A very simple treatment that you can do is to suction the babys nose with a bulb syringe. You can find it at any drug store usually in the baby isle. The child may not benefit from medicine may If it is an allergy determine what the allergy is.


Answer by  Jamz (12)

The best way to relieve this is to let the baby drink more water, give Vitamin C by dropper. NEVER put baby on a prone position while sleeping. There are instances that baby's nose has much mucous, we could disregard that by using a bulb syringe. Squeeze syringe before inserting, once tip is in, release. Repeat procedure if necessary.


Answer by  Angie (27)

Use the aspirator on the babies nose. Keep your baby's head elevated, if you can. Buy Boogey Wipes in stores that are treated with saline that help to pull some of them out when you wipe and they are gentle on babie's noses.

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