Question by  drewdaddy (55)

How do I treat my dog's cold?

He has a cough and a runny nose and he won't eat.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

As with humans, when a pet is sick the best thing to do is to seek medical attention. Talk to your veterinarian about the best course of treatment.


Answer by  usmc96gt (323)

Well there isnt any over the counter medication for dogs. So either give it a day or two and hope it goes away or visit your vet.


Answer by  TamaraB (12)

Dogs usually have a respiratory infection (not the same cold as us humans get), which most of the time doesn't need veterinary care. Do pay extra attention if you have a puppy or an older dog. Try to give them him extra nutrition. Also spend limited time out in the cold, keep the dog warm and dry.


Answer by  sue71586yahoocom (28)

Use a steam to help up break up congestion .Place the dog in a steam filled bathroom or in a room with a cool mist vaporizer will help to keep their nasal passages moist and their cough more productive.Provide the dog with multivitamins.Vitamins A, C an E can be beneficial when dog is sick.Make sure dog has plenty of water.

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