Question by  chuck34108 (36)

What can I do to get rid of dandelions in my ground cover?

I don't want to kill any of the ground cover.


Answer by  adouglass (331)

The only way that I have found to remove dandelions without damaging anything around it is by digging them up by the root and disposing of them.


Answer by  simna (473)

Dig up the roots by hand and dispose them is the better way to get rid of dandelions. And you must also try to improve the soil.


Answer by  Rachel25 (49)

There are several ways. You can mow them, root them out or pull them. You can poach them, mulch them, apply corn gluten meal. You burn them with a weed burner. You can try to improve you'r soil.


Answer by  HarryVetch (6)

The best way to get rid of dandelions in your ground cover is to eat them! Dandelion leaves make delicious salad greens, with a slightly bitter flavor like arugula. Pick them before the yellow flower goes to seed. Dig up the roots by hand and dry them to make dandelion tea or wine!

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