Question by  Rkissoon (12)

What can I do if my Razor phone's memory is full?

I have had it 6 months and I need to erase some things.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

If the phone's memory is full, then you can buy a memory card for it or a larger memory card. You could also delete some of the things on the phone. Things you should consider deleting is contacts, photos, videos, SMS, MMS, and wallpapers. I really don't know why you asked this question if you have the answer underneath.


Answer by  Samantha77 (29)

Before deleting anything that you would like to keep, browse your clip art, sounds, images, ring tones, and any other media folder for items that you would never use. You can delete these by selecting them and then going to options and then delete. Sound files like ring tones and alarms take up more space, generally.


Answer by  dumpnrun77 (276)

Your best bet is to go to an accessories store and buy your self a micro sim card whick can range from different amounts of megabites to gigabites .


Answer by  Barbie66 (138)

You may want to try deleting some items in your phone that can take up memory.These things may be text messages, photos, videos and other related items. Usually this will be enough to fix the problem.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

First, begin by emptying the inbox of some old text messages. Then, open the media center and delete some pictures and video.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Check if it has a slot for a microSD card, they're cheap and that would be a good way to add memory. Otherwise you'll have to delete in system memory.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

Delete some of the pictures you no longer need. Erase old text messages that are no longer important. Delete the contacts you never call. Also you can erase some of the ringtones you don't use and this should give you more memory in your phone.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, you can erase the memory. Simply place the memory card into your computer, and erase the things that you are no longer need of. Otherwise, you can buy a new memory card and then start from scratch to store more items that are required. You can purchase one from anywhere.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

The best option, if you have the ability (which most phones and computers do, with the right USB to phone cable), then you can simply transfer all of your data from your phone to your computer. If you cannot do this, try to at least email your photos to yourself, delete any unneeded information. Or get a larger GB card.


Answer by  davondab (107)

Your phone information can be stored on a memory chip, available at most phone retailers. The other option is to transfer the data to your computers hard drive or a removable flash drive.


Answer by  ewam (403)

You can start erasing silly things you don't need. Maybe old pictures and contacts. You can also look into a bigger memory chip.


Answer by  hrpoorna (155)

If the Razor's phone memory is full, there is no need to erase the memories instead of that, you can go your phone settings and operate upon the transferring phone memory to SIM memory. Transfer all the memory details of your phone memory to SIM card memory if necessary unless, you can erase.

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