Question by  pamela (63)

How do you transfer music from a razor phone?

I need to transfer music to my phone.


Answer by  bjudd (123)

First you need to get a small USB cable (the kind used on MP3 players; not computers). Then search online for the "Motorola Phone Tools" program and install it using the cable. You can use the free trial version or buy the whole thing. You can then use this program to transfer them to your phone with the cable


Answer by  mlh56880 (84)

One could use Bluetooth to transfer music. If Bluetooth is not available, then use the USB cable for the Razor to transfer music from/to the phone.


Answer by  euterpe (30)

You could try using a mini usb cable that has a regular usb end and plugging it into a pc.


Answer by  jseda614 (17)

easiest way is to use a micro sd card. transfer your music from phone to micro sd card. take micro sd card out and put it in new phone. transfer music from micro sd card to new phone and your done

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