Question by  llfredericks (36)

How to backup a cell phone contact list with a Verizon Razor?

I need to back up my Verizon Razor phone list.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

Verizon has a program to download to your phone which will enable you to back up all your contacts to an online account. Search for it on your my verizon homepage, or in the phone marketplace. Also, you can call your verizon dealer or customer service who can walk you through the process.


Answer by  cac77 (111)

Verizon has a service called Backup Assistant. To use it, go to "Get it Now" on your cell phone, search for Backup Assistant, then download it to save your contacts.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

There is a program available by Verizon. It will back up your contacts but you can also check their website as they also have an option over there to back up the contacts.


Answer by  ewam (403)

I have Verizon and I found out the hard way many times that they don't have sim cards. That's why they came up with a back up plan. I'm not positively sure how to do this, but I know you can back them up on the internet. Go to Verizon Wireless's website and it should tell you.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

for taking the back up for the contact list; you may go to the contacts of your phone and choose the 'phone and SIM' memory in use, them go to the tab, copy/move contacts, and choose move all contacts to SIM card. this will take the back up for the contact list.


Answer by  belle2714 (361)

Veizon website has a contact list back up feature when you go under my account. You do need the cord that connects the phone to the computer to use it.


Answer by  slickytfox (235)

Verizon Wireless offers back-up assistant which is the easiest way to accomplish this. However, the Razr would have to be active and still be capable of making calls.


Answer by  GAUTHAM (29)

Does cingular have a backup phonebook thing like verizon's backup assistant? where everynite to use Mobile Phone Tools (or) Mobile Edit software with your RAZR to backup your address book does cingular have a backup phonebook thing like verizon's backup assistant? where everynite at a specified time to your phone...

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