Question by  Wichita (84)

What can I do if my laserjet 2100 can not determine the ip address?

I need laserjet 2100 help.


Answer by  davidsmith4deltaedu (338)

First figure out if your router is set to dhcp (hand out IP addresses automatically), or static (program the ip address on the workstation or printer). If the printer is obtaining a 169. 254 address , you will need to set the IP address statically on the printer. Make sure you set the ip address subnet mask and gateway.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Laser jet can be connected and shared easily using a USB cable connected to the server computer. THen after installing driver, it can be shared to other computers. It is much better and easy way than using a network port which has ip problems.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Check out if there is a firewall between your computer and the printer. Check if you need a normal or a crossed ip cable. Check if the printer is offline. Check if it is possible to hard code the ip adress. Check as well the subnet mask of your pc.


Answer by  james53 (30)

You will need to manualy input it. If you dont know what your ip adress is then you can find it out by looking on your computer. good luck with this problem! -james


Answer by  Naimad (98)

You can always run a trouble shoot to find what is wrong or on most of the cases check the cables of the printer. Also try to re install the software program of the Printer. make sure you un install first so you can install again. That should help you.

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