Question by  Buggyboy (33)

What can I do if my employer tries to demote me and decrease my pay?


Answer by  bash (1026)

If you are working in a private firm, the employer can demote you or decrease your pay. You try to render more faithful service to the best satisfaction of your superiors. You should try to create a good impression among your superiors. You try to confess them. You may ask them the reason for this action quite obediently.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You have to make a decision about your employment if your boss ties to demote you and decrease your pay. You should ask yourself why you are being demoted and whether it is justified. That will lead to your learning from a mistake to avoid in the future. You should also consider finding a new job.


Answer by  John (9008)

It depends. If you have a contract, this might give you rights. If you are in a union, your union will have a grievance procedure to handle this. If neither of these is true, then you are probably an at-will employee, which means that your employer can change your employment however he wants.

Reply by iamamom4242 (0):
That's so unfair. I was working at a Hotel ( Hilton brand Hotel) where I was front desk and just asked for extra hrs. They took me off front and put me in housekeeping and docked my pay -.75 per hour. I knew only  add a comment

Answer by  mommytoc (56)

If you are not under contract, you really only have two choices: deal with it or start looking elsewhere for another job.

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