Question by  Ed209 (18)

What can I do for fuel starvation problems on a Stihl Chainsaw?

My Stihl chainsaw has fuel issues.


Answer by  w14bmw (53)

Check the fuel pump, also filters if it has any. Ensure all fuel lines are clear with no obstructions, ensure you have the correct fuel mix ratio


Answer by  tml (538)

A fuel starvation problem is usually due to either a leak or a pinched fuel line. Make sure the connection from the tank to the engine is clean without blockage or impediment. Also, check to see that you're not losing fuel through a junction or seal before it gets to the engine.


Answer by  cajuncuz (177)

Some of the things that can fix fuel starvation in stihl is change fuel filter.iT MAY BE PLUGED UP AND BE A problem involving the carbuerator. The other thing is take it to a shop.

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