Question by  MaJaMarch (3)

I am having problems when shutting down my computer, can you help me troubleshoot?

Problems starting up and closing down. Non accessible files seem to be the cause. Help!My OS is Windows Tablet PC. a Norton scan says that various apps 'cannot access' msvcp80. dll or msvcp90. dll and msvcr80. dll or msvcp90. dll. A recent Norton live update now results in 'A necessary file could not be loaded'. Is that the underlying problem and if so what can I do?


Answer by  TheSquirrelMaster (81)

You are missing a file that windows deems necessary. If Norton could be the cause, click start, type or run msconfig, navigate to startup and uncheck each item that says Norton. Then restart and see if you still get the errors. Maybe reformat from factory partition.


Answer by  Thantan (32)

Usually a. dll file (dynamic library link) is an important system file that is required for the computer to start - if the file is corrupt or missing, which sounds like is the problem in your case you can either reinstall windows, or try to run repair from the startup disc.


Answer by  SystemOwner (137)

The Norton scan message means that the windows .dll files are corrupted. The Norton scan have discovered a virus or spyware on the ".dll files" and deleted it. DLL files could get corrupted as well during use. Run system restore or reinstall Windows or contact Tablet PC manufacturer for help.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

brother it looks like that your registry files are corrupted and now you need to install a new windows there isn't any other solution


Answer by  gigo (1706)

First of all, I would cut the internet connection and deactivate Norton to check if it is a pure Norton behaviour. If it is not, try to install Framework.


Answer by  rasel (43)

When facing this problems u have to cheek the internal cables such as: IDE, SATA, FLOPPY cables. You have to sure that there are no lose connections. If it dosen't solves your problem then format youn system drive and setup windowsxp or operating system.I thing it will fix your pronlem.

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