Question by  jdcoffman (12)

What can I do about window condensation?

How can I prevent it from happening?


Answer by  roninos1980 (8)

Nothing really, when hot air and cold air forms there will be condensation. There are speical windows out there which are more expensive that can reduce the condensation of the windows. But if you cannot afford this use a simple towel or rag and wipe the window down to get rid of the moisture on the windows.


Answer by  pandik (7)

Open it periodically to vent excess moisture, make sure dehumidifiers are working properly and well drained,air out your house by opening a door or window for a few minutes.


Answer by  curtiss (62)

Make sure you have warmer air inside that it is outside or set up a dehumidifier to stop the humidity condenses on your windows.

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