Question by  Mrhazmat3aolcom (16)

How can I remove condensation that is between the two panes of glass in the double-paned window?


Answer by  dragndust (52)

The seal has been broken between the panes, and it is impossible to fix. If it is under warranty the manufacturer will replace it. Otherwise, the size of the window will determine whether it is less expensive to replace the glass, or the whole window.


Answer by  racheljh (72)

I have had this happen and, per a phone call to the manufacturer, the condensation cannot be removed. You have to replace to window, which may be covered by warranty.


Answer by  AnnArk (141)

A temporary but successful solution would be to heat the condensation back into invisible gaseous water vapor. This can be accomplished by applying low heat to the windows, such as by using a hair dryer.

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