Question by  rickmiller (23)

What can I do about uprooted plants?

Several of my plants have been uprooted.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

Determine why they have been uprooted. If caused by animals, create a barrier to prevent them from being uprooted again. If caused by erosion, create a barrier to prevent heavy water flow in the area. Re-plant the plants based on the original planting instructions, and water the plants well to set them in place.


Answer by  PunkyWoman (11)

Depending on the size of the plant, simply replant it and make sure the soil is packed tightly to prevent it reuprooting. For larger plants (such as trees or shrubs) you will need to stand it back up, repack soil and then tie the plant on multiple sides.


Answer by  JeanneBaney (56)

The best thing is to replant them as soon as possible. Add A bucket of water and a little fertilizer at this time. Water it daily for a week. If the roots are dried out, trim them back first so they will absorb the water easier.

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