Question by  tornado (36)

How do you start aloe plants from another aloe plant?

I would like to start my own aloe plant from another aloe plant.


Answer by  dnastring (16)

Separate smaller shoots from the outer section of a parent plant, making sure that root growth is present. Place the shoots in water until ready to plant in moist soil.


Answer by  terry94 (71)

They are like hens and chickens, small plants will come up beside the parent plant. Is the parent plant healthy? Is it in good soil and been fertalized lately with good sun?


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

When aloe plants are doing well they send up little plantlets along the base of the adult plant. These small plants can be cut off at the base with a sharp knife and planted in cactus soil. If your plant has not put out babies, ensure it is getting enough sunlight and has dry soil.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

There are two ways that a hobbyist can propagate aloes. The first is through planting the seeds and waiting for them to grow. This takes a long time, and because of cross-breeding, the new plants may not resemble the first. You can also divide them when they make "babies. "

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