Question by  yehiel (30)

What can I do about these black ants on my hibiscus?

They are everywhere on my plant.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

The ants will not hurt the plant but if you want to control them you can look for an herbicide that contains either imidacloprid or pyrethrin. You could apply it to the soil around the plant or right on the plant; the ants will ingest the nectar and perish before they can do any significant harm.


Answer by  Gaurav (94)

Do one thing, use boric acid on your plants and add little water in that powder, And make them to round shape. Put it in your plants and then spray water on it. You can also use HIT spray or any other chemicals that are available in the markets, Like pesticides or others.


Answer by  Danielle66 (7)

Ants tend to collect the secretions of certain other insects. If you have ants you probably have a bigger problem with other insects. To treat this, you can hose them off, you can use an insecticidal soap on the plant, or you can treat the plant with a systemic insecticide.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

You can simlply put some neem plants leaves at the pot. Water them daily ,don't let them dry beacause at wet level the ants find very difficult to come.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

There are pesticides available that can be sprayed on plants to kill bugs like black ants. You should be able to find these at any gardening store.


Answer by  kmelchers (113)

Ants usually accompany other pests such as aphids. Try a spray of soapy water mixed with a little horticultural oil. You might even have to cut the plant back.

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