Question by  Fnakun (27)

How can I get rid of black ants in the kitchen?

They are all over my kitchen. I clean them up. They're back the next day.


Answer by  liveandlove (27)

There are plenty of household ant killers on the market that you can use. Brands such as RAID have sprays that are safe for use indoors.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

I clean with bleach to erase their scent trails they leave and sometimes I even draw chalk lines, for some reason they won't cross them.


Answer by  caftril (176)

Standard window spray will safely kill small grease or sugar ants. Do not use a chemical pesticide spray in your kitchen. Next a deep kitchen cleaning to remove grease, sugar, syrup or food. Then use commercial bait traps from any grocery store along the ant paths. If the ants are large carpenter ants, check for wood rot under the sink.


Answer by  Jenniedeelo (169)

My dad was an appliance technician for years and ants would get in the appliances. The best way that he found to get rid of them and keep them away was to use cinnamon in the area that they were affecting and coming in. It sounds weird but it actually works.

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