Question by  AaronCooper (26)

What can I do about the fact that in my bathtub only the hot water works?

I like some cold water too!


Answer by  mike90 (71)

Galvanized pipes build up alot of crosion inside them,if a piece of it falls of it will plug up a faucet cartridge or a handle stem blocking water flow


Answer by  Ron87 (19)

There are a couple of reasons why the cold water does not flow. Check the shut off valve for the cold water. There should be 1 for hot, and 1 for cold. Be sure it is properly turned on. Secondly, make sure the cold water handle is properly attached to the valve, usually with a screw.


Answer by  coronato (65)

It is most likely the diverter which controls the mix of hot and cold water coming out of faucet or showerhead. The valve in the diverter controlling the hot water is stuck and may need to be replaced.


Answer by  RyHeab (54)

The water selector is probably broken. You will need to purchase a new valve for the shower. They are pretty easy to install or you can call a contractor.


Answer by  ryan0731 (17)

The cold water valve is not functioning or the divertor valve is shot. Usually it is inexpensive to repair them.


Answer by  waterman (18)

Check to see that the hot water valve is turned on behind the tub. Sometimes they get turned off by accident.

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