Question by  angela18 (26)

What can I do about nuisance calls from a withheld number?

The calls are getting very annoying, can I do anything?


Answer by  PuterGuru (256)

Speak to your phone company and explain to them what is going on. They can trace the number. Also if you tell them to put you on the Do Not Call list and still call then it's illegal and the phone company can turn them in. That is your best option.


Answer by  ReZoN (94)

Block them, Most cellular companies can do that directly, just call them and complain about the number you will never get their call again. Some phones like Samsung models can directly block number by themselves just look for the "block number" option in the contacts section.


Answer by  Monx (31)

If you are getting nuisance calls from people you really dont know you should block their numbers, or I suggest you to change your number and give them to the people you only know like friends and family members. Just remember not to give them to strangers.


Answer by  Chris48 (475)

In general, there is little that your carrier can do. Contact local police about harassment calls or get on a "do not call list" to deal with telemarketers.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If the number calling you is being blocked, about the only thing you can do is ask them to stop calling. I would get ahold of the FTC and maybe they'll know what to do. If you're not already, ask to be added to the "do not call" list. The next caller, tell them you're on the list.


Answer by  sarabeth (170)

Many phone companies have a block call feature. It can be used and turned on and off as needed. It specifically will block unlisted or private numbers.Try*77 on *87 off.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

You can call up your carrier and file a report about this. I'm sure they will take care of it.

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