Question by  sellingsimply (24)

How can you determine who called you from a 13 digit phone number?

I had an odd number appear on my cell phone, I do not want to call them back but want to know who it is from.


Answer by  NinjaGuardian (89)

That seems phone number on international format there perhaps has "+" sign what means international phone networks 1 is US & Canada. Easiest way is use Google or Yahoo, put your number there and check. Whitepages web service open US & Canadian phone databases. If that is phonemarketing whocallsme service has covered many countries.


Answer by  heliotropix (5)

One way to check an unknown number is to enter the number into a search engine. If the number is listed, the search results should have a listing for it.


Answer by  junhenry (20)

You cannot determine immediately who called you but you can determine what telecommunication company and country it belongs by their first six digit number and after that you can call their customer service and ask about it.


Answer by  princess (115)

well you can call from an other phone and once you dial the number it will say like what state the number is coming from

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