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Question by  anonynurse (40)

How can I get global phone service?

I would like to be able to call around the world from my cell phone so I can call my husband in Iraq.


Answer by  fairee (181)

In order to make international calls from your cell phone, you have to contact your cell phone provider and have them place international calling on your phone. Make sure to ask for the rates for Iraq and a plan for calling.


Answer by  worker6280 (78)

If you're staying in one area all you need is an international calling plan (preferrably with reasonable rates). If you're needing to call from multiple countries, you might want to consider a company such as AT&T or T-mobile that offers service in many countries.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

First, see if your cell phone provider offers an international calling plan, for a monthly fee and applicable rates/minute, to Iraq. If not, look at companies like AIT and Telestial.


Answer by  jaketa (117)

It is possible to get global phone service, it is very expensive. You can use your regular cell, if you are calling from the US, and buy a calling card. It's way cheaper. If you want to call from another country, buy a GSM phone and use a calling card.

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