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Question by  Kevin87 (6)

What can I do about my back yard which is infested with frogs?

My back yard is near water and I guess that is why there are frogs everywhere.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

Frogs come out more when it rains, especially during the rainy season in spring. As the weather dries up the frogs will stay closer to their water source. It's wonderful you have so many frogs, there is a world shortage of frogs. They eat an amazing amount of all those pesky insects such as flies, gnats and mosquitos.


Answer by  Hazel101 (185)

I'm not sure I'd want to get rid of frogs, they are very beneficial and show a healthy environment by their presence. If you really can't take it - there are things like bleach water, caffeine, salt water you can spray directly on them to deter them from your yard.

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