Question by  al (35)

What kind of behavior can I expect from wasps?

It seems like I have a lot of wasps in my back yard. They haven't bothered me yet but I don't know much about them.


Answer by  Melissa21 (84)

Wasps behavior can be unpredictable. They can sting multiple times unlike honey bees. Don't get too close or they could sting you.


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Take care. They like sweets, fruits and meat. Close the kitchen window - they smell everything. They hide often under pillows and blankets - before you go to bed - look. Sometimes they sit under door knobs or window handles. Some people may react allergic on a stitch. When you use a wasp pitfall - put vinaigre in, so no bees will fall in.


Answer by  Tiera19 (97)

It really depends on the kind of wasp but most of them can and will sting if they feel they are in danger.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Some of behaviours which expected from wasps which are as follows : Hunting, Provisioning, Oviposition, Use of refuges(niches)or nests,Degree of modification and elongation of nests,Female wasps spend much of their life of providing prey and protection for a few offspring

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