Question by  Liz17 (17)

What can I do about my 20 year son who is on drugs?


Answer by  JenniferLB (103)

First, the most important thing you can do is love him and be there for him. Since he is 20, you really cannot do much, however talk to him and explain your love and feelings and talk to him about getting himself signed into rehab and taking care of himself.


Answer by  aiibis (175)

I would first try an intervention. Offer him help and support, but ultimately it has to be his choice to want to change. Don't enable him to buy them, like giving him money. Check for in or out patient drug rehab centesr. You could get him to talk to someone that has went down that road and recovered from it.


Answer by  djoek (122)

The best way to help him is to do nothing. Don't give him money, food, or anything. He has to realise his life won't work this way, and if you keep helping him he will never realise this. This is really hard because it is your son, but it is the best way. Good luck!


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Find out the cause of this problem and if it is from his friends' influence, let him break away from them slowly and place him in a rehabilitation center.pray for him also since most of the things we see being done by other people are not easy to control and so remember you to do your best and wait.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

you need to have an entervention where family and friends tell how hes changed and what hes done to them to try to get him to quit drugs.

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