Question by  dublec72 (1)

My palms sweat profusely. What can I do?

I'm 19 years old and have had this problem for ten years. I don't smoke, don't do drugs, do not abuse alcohol. I don't have any unusual anxiety.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

This is fortunately not a harmful condition but it is very difficult treat it. The best advice is to keep a large cotton handkerchief in your pocket to use unobtrusively when you have to shake hands or touch other people. You can try rubbing your hands with medicinal alcohol.


Answer by  daddy31 (304)

This is actually a very common problem among several young Americans. One of the most simple and easy ways to reduce palm sweat is to buy an anti-perspirant, usually used on a person's underarms, then apply it to the palms of your hands. Be sure to rub your hands as if you are washing them after to reduce residue.

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