Question by  Tom61 (22)

What can I do about missing embedded pictures in emails in Microsoft Outlook 2007?


Answer by  perman (9)

if you're using outlook 2007 and you recieve an email with missing pictures you can go in view and then click block images to show the missing pictures in your email.


Answer by  Barnicle (21)

Try changing your security settings with regard to automatically viewing images in emails. Sometimes they will be hidden to save space in the emails or add to screen emails for attachments.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

By default, Outlook 2007 blocks pictures from unknown sources to "protect your privacy". But you can simply click just below the sender details/subject line and ask it it load the images. Also, if you dont want to do this repeatedly, you can add the sender to a "safe" list.


Answer by  TheRickyShowcom (13)

Do not drag pictures from your computer. You need to import the picture by using the insert tab at the top. Click insert, then picture, and then select the picture you want to embed.

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