Question by  worker92 (45)

How do I delete a virus scan text in my outlook emails?

I am so tired of my outlook being bogged down by my virus scan and would like to delete it.


Answer by  busyfingers (239)

You can disengage your antivirus program from your outlook email program and this will delete the virus scan text in your emails. Check the toolbar of your antivirus program in outlook and you can disable the scan from then options on this toolbar.


Answer by  rejoice (216)

What antivirus are you using? Your antivirus program is what decides what to scan and when to scan - including your email. Check the settings and customize it to your wishes.


Answer by  cmc94 (302)

Open your antivirus program - AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, etc. In the settings panel, there will be an option for email settings. Here you can delete the virus scan text in your outlook emails and also decide whether to scan incoming email, outgoing mail or none at all.

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