Question by  gymadel (23)

What can I do about fixing low quality images on Internet Explorer?


Answer by  Tiffany94 (23)

Click the tools- Internet Option in your browser.. Then go to Advanced tab. and scroll down to. Multimedia section. and check smart image dithering option. Right clicking anywhere on the desktop... and then the properties option... and then choosing the settings tab... The higher the better


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

You really can't fix low quality images on Internet Explorer. When photos are taken at low resolution, you are pretty much stuck with them as they are. Low quality images have pixels that are far apart, and enlarging them only makes they further apart, resulting in choppy images. You might be able to sharpen them, or brighten them.


Answer by  salin (30)

Quality of a image is really very important. To fix a low quality images in a internet explorer we can increase the no of pixel in an image.


Answer by  cmart84726 (24)

Check your DPI settings on your computer since they may be incorrectly set. Dots per image affect how an image is viewed.

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