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Question by  pamela89 (23)

What can I do about a radiator hose that blows off?

It's clamped on but after an hour or so, it comes loose again. What to do?


Answer by  DRoberts (17)

Replace the hose. The hose might have lost its flexibility; replacing it will allow it to bend and not blow off under the pressure of the engine. Use the same clamps to attach the hose.


Answer by  Ryohka (31)

Try replacing the clamp. Also depending on the placement and type of clamp(is it a pinch clamp or the screw kind) it's also possible to go with a smaller clamp. If the small fixes don't seem to work measure the diameter of the hose and purchase a slightly smaller replacement from an auto parts store.


Answer by  musicfanatic4eva (33)

Check it to make sure the hose is fine, and replace clamp, and clamp back together. Make sure to top off any fluids and then check for any possible leaks.

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