Question by  arupjrtyahoocom (19)

Is it safe to spray Benadryl on a dog?

My dog has gotten into poison ivy and has a horrid rash.


Answer by  worker3384 (157)

Vets will prescribe Benadryl for dogs , but with very specific dosages, you should not attempt to try and figure out the correct dosages. You could spray on the affected area, but care is needed to make sure your dog does not try and lick off the Benadryl. Please call your vet for correct dosage.


Answer by  worker5829 (219)

I have used both oral and spray Benadryl on my pit bull who has skin allergies with no harm other than drowsiness. You do need to dose according to weight, remember dogs are usually smaller than adult humans. Try to size your dog up with the closest appropriate child dose, too little won't hurt but too much can be fatal.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

It is probably safe to do once, but you do not want to do this often. You dog in all likelihood needs a certain kind of allergy shot provided by the vet; we had a cat that needed one twice a year to prevent a bad, peeling, scabbing rash on her.


Answer by  worker5031 (70)

Yes it is safe to use. Just make sure to watch your dog for any reactions to the spray and to make sure they do not lick it all off.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes, and the pill form as well the dosage is 1 mg/ 1 lb body weight.

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