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Question by  whitney (19)

Is tea tree oil a good remedy for poison ivy?


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

Yes, it can be used as a remedy. Tea tree oil helps with the itching, and it also helps heal the blisters that break out on your skin. You will need to apply it several times during the day. Tea tree oil probably won't stop you from itching completely, though.


Answer by  anand (36)

Poison ivy can easily be defeated by tea tree oil .It is a natural oil and easy to use . It cures many diseases also because of its antifungal and drying properties.If any person is allergic then dont use it .


Answer by  Megan80 (161)

Tea tree oil is meant to treat acne, athletes foot and dandruf. Poison ivy should be treated with an a Cortisone cream or calamine lotion. If those do not work try an oatmeal bath. If your still itchy do not scratch and call your doctor. You can try tea tree oil but it may cause an allergic reaction.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

This oil works great for poison ivy, among lots of other things. It will help dry it up, help stop the itching, and help heal it with its antibacterial properties. Clean the infected area, pat dry, and put a couple drops of tea tree on it, using a cotton swab or cotton ball to spread it with.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Tea tree oil is the best remedy for any type of skin condition. So yes it will soothe the stings from the poison ivy.


Answer by  TinaV (56)

According to some natural health promoters, tea tree oil is a good remedy for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. It is said to relieve itching and promote healing.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Tea Tree Oil works great for poison ivy and is safe to use several times a day. It helps with the itching and helps heal blisters associated with poison ivy. Remember to clean the affected area first and then, using a Q Tip, apply the Tea Tree Oil.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

Yes tea tree oil will help with poison ivy. In some cases people have said that it will work over night. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for any kind of itching, like bug bites. By putting this on poison ivy it soothes the areas and helps to dry it up.

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