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Question by  Tiffany93 (33)

What can be done for a toddler that has swollen gums due to teething?

My toddlers gums are swollen and red, they appear to be very tender and according to his behavior they are causing pain.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Usually you can alternate tylenol and motrin to help with the pain that your child is having. Also, popsicles are good and cold and will help with the swelling and help numb the gumbs so that your child will not have as much pain and be so tender in the teething area.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

There are several market products for teething. If you want to go a less expensive route try a clean washcloth that's been in the freezer. Worked for my niece.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

There are many over the counter swollen gum treatments for little children that are very effective, but some of them will burn the gums. The best way to ease gum pain is to give the little one a cold rag to chew on. Both the chewing sensation and the cold will ease the pain of the swollen gums.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Unless the swollen gums are causing the toddler extreme pain, nothing needs to be done. If there is associated pain, it is best to get a topical anesthetic, recommended for use in toddlers. Brands containing phenol, camphor and Benzocaine may be employed, the latter of the three having the longest lasting effect

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