Question by  Marie (778)

What can be done about wood beetles in Texas?


Answer by  MablesTime (138)

I use either Bayer Advanced or Ortho and spray the area of the wood where I can see the beetles have been. That works fairly well but I did have a tree surgeon tell me that it could be damaging to the tree.

Reply by JoeyT (78):
Yeah that's true for wood beetles that infest trees. Some of them go after seasoned and treated wood. Just like with the home you have to remove the infested wood which means the tree needs to be cut down.  add a comment

Answer by  TalkQueen (38)

If you are talking about the Powderpost Beetle then what you need to do is to place a moisture barrier around your home, increase ventilation in crawl spaces and replace any infested wood. Prevention is best medicine. Inspect your home for these beetles twice a year to be safe.


Answer by  Denver283 (76)

Your best bet is to have an insect control service come out quarterly to inspect and use a specialized spray to get rid of them. Some chemicals can be harmful so it is always better to have someone trained do the work especially if you have children or pets around.

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