Question by  noosh (673)

What can be done about an intense fear of dogs?

I have no idea why I am so afraid of them.


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

Exposure therapy is the best way to deal with fear. Find a dog who is very laid back and friendly. Try being in the same room with the dog, at first. Animals pick-up on your fear, so be as calm as you can. After you have mastered being in the same room, try petting it. Just keep trying.


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

If you want to get ridof this fear, you must confront it. Ask a friend that has a dog or if they know someone that does. Make sure its a kind one though. Then, go and meet the dog and you will find out that theyre not bad


Answer by  Leslie308 (241)

It would be helpful to obtain supervised exposure to dogs. For example attend a dog training group in order to have safe exposure to different types of dogs in a sercure environment. If this is too taxing you may want to seek out professional help.

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