Question by  Matilda (13)

What can be done about a tumor in the neck of a dog?

The tumor is pretty big.


Answer by  SarahG (130)

Tumors in locations close to arteries are tricky business and need to be evaluated by your vet. Tumors of any sort should be evaluated in terms of cancer and in terms of removal in your particular dog based on individual factors.


Answer by  gman9976 (248)

First thing you have to do is go to a vet and see what it is. Is it cancerous or anything like that. If it is too big most likely he will say to have it removed. It will be a simple surgery and your dog will be fine in a day or two.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

Tumor in the neck may be normal skin thickening due to some accidental skin damages etc. But it is not advisory to leave it as it is. Sometimes it might be cancerous cells affecting dog's neck. So it is better to consult a veterinary doctor and do the required tests.


Answer by  Learner (350)

If he has problem in breathing or any physical or psychological sufferings, immediately consult your vet. He may advice you to take blood tests, biopsy tests, ultrasound and CT scans if he is suspicious about the tumor's attributes. If diagnosed as cancer, complete removal or chemotherapy might be suggested.


Answer by  cubanchick (188)

You can try massaging the knot first, it might be a knot. Or you can try taking your dog to a vet. The vet might suggest surgery.

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