Question by  JDX (133)

What can be done about a fear of spiders?

My four-year old son gets hysterical when he sees one and I have no idea why.


Answer by  dingosan8 (407)

I would get a picture book about a friendly spider and read it to him. We have one called "Hurry Home Spider. "That may help,it is a cute story.


Answer by  jennifer41 (41)

Children tend to copy their parents reaction if you are scared of spiders then try not to freak out about one when you see them. You can also try to examine the spider when you see one and teach your son about it. And make a big deal about how cool it is.


Answer by  jingles (142)

To work with a fear of spiders, try exposing your son to the idea of spiders very slowly. First, you may want to read him a book all about spiders.

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