Question by  ianok (28)

What bug is biting my dog?

My poor dog is covered in bug bites.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

It could be a number of common bugs. Fleas are usually in a massive number and do lots of bites on a dogs skin. Mosquitoes, ticks, horse flies. Though I think your most likely culprit is fleas. Though I would take the dog to the vet for a professional opinion.


Answer by  worker6632 (51)

It sounds like you have an infestation of fleas. The best way to control this is to give your dog a bath with a shampoo containing chemicals that kill fleas and the flea eggs. You must also get a 30 day flea medication. Lastly, you must vacuum the area where your dog lives.


Answer by  worker3619 (48)

Sounds like fleas, you can be treating for fleas and still have fleas on your pet. Your dog could also have lice or mosquito bites. You should treat your lawn with a chemical spray that will repel insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Get a flea insecticide that is safe for pet bedding and spray your pets sleeping area.


Answer by  worker8766 (60)

Check for fleas. If any time bug bites starting popping up, check for fleas first. The dog may have just got them by either you going to a home with animals with fleas, or your dog obtained them from somewhere else. Check with a vet first.


Answer by  worker5176 (22)

The most common bite dogs suffer from is a flea bite. Fleas tend to burrow into the skin of a dog and suck the dog's blood, laying eggs that hatch on the dog and quickly multiply.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your dog is likely suffering with a flea infestation. Talk to your vet and get the dog on the recommended flea treatment ASAP. Do not waste money on over-the-counter rubbish.

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