Question by  Israel72 (17)

What is the best treatment for pink eye?

My children have come down with pink eye, I need to treat them without taking them to the doctor.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

You can relieve some of the symptoms by putting a warm washcloth over the eye, however the infection needs to either go away on its own or you need antibiotics to get rid of it faster.


Answer by  xsut (943)

One of the best remedies I have heard for pink eye was putting honey in some boiling water, letting the water completely cool, and then use the mixture as an eye wash. 3:1 honey:water ratio. Be very careful, this is just advice. The best thing is to see a doctor.


Answer by  linsm (898)

If pink eye is suspected, only a physician can make the final diagnosis and prescribe the proper medication for it, while using warm compresses, and eye drops for comfort.


Answer by  wj (646)

Buy an eyewash from a pharmacy. Make sure the children wash their hands and don't touch their eyes or they'll reinfect themselves. Use a separate towl for washing the face.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

Home treatments include a cold wash cloth to open the eyes. Usually overnight the eyes will get stuck shut. Use some decongetant eye drops to give some relief to the eyes. But to be truthful, your kids have to go to the eye dr.

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